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Another busy day in paradise again!
I was doing relays until after midday, had a whole pile of costings to do after that, as well as a meeting in Welshpool with the good people of Australia Post who pay me so very well!!

I really should stop being facetious!!!

Actually, I didn’t do to badly out of it today. After my meeting, I got suckered into doing some parcels around the Joondalup area, (Joondalup is a satellite city in Perth’s northern suburbs) and to compensate for only having 5 items, instead of paying me on a per item basis as they normally would with parcels, they paid me for 2 hours on time rate.
That meant that I got more than double what I would have done for items alone. You gotta be happy with that. Even more so as it took just under 2 hours to get from Welshpool to the various drops around Joondalup and back home again. Yay me!!!!

Today… I found the exclamation mark!!!!!

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