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Ini adalah pisang

Because my wife is completely crazy, she does things like this… And I absolutely love it :D

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While a few of my contacts on Facebook are busy playing farmville I’ve been playing a real life version. For quite a while I have been growing vegetables and herbs that we use large amounts of and am looking to … Continue reading

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Tastes change

This morning Lia bought me in a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea and started mock crying “wahh, you don’t like asian tea anymore” sob, sob. It’s true that I have been drinking Jasmine green tea for longer than … Continue reading

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Ouch Pt.2

Moving forward one Saturday and James and Thomas were riding bikes when they collided. Thomas was fine but James got his leg punctured by something on the bike, a bolt perhaps? It was pretty serious, enough to have someone who … Continue reading

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About Ready

One week later and I have got much more done. I have US$50 for the visas, a little over a million rupiah in ready currency as well as Australian dollars. Lia has been packing for the last two weeks and … Continue reading

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little ones

To attack the persistent algae problem in my aquarium I decided to invest in a couple of Catfish. The guy at the aquarium store suggested that I should get about five or six for the size of tank that I … Continue reading

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File this one under .. Just plain weird

Ok, so I was up rather late on Sunday night/Monday morning having got home from work a little after 1.30am and it wasn’t until just after 4 that I decided that I was tired enough to sleep and went to … Continue reading

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I’ve been dreaming of..

a new camera. NO! This is not some bad Photoshop make over. This is my camera which has started to sporadically take really bad photos. The LCD display is playing up and the zoom lens won’t extend fully without creating … Continue reading

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Computer Games

Emily and James have always played with computers from very little. As a result they are both quite good at games. When Thomas and Cameron moved in here they saw my two playing and wanted to play too and as … Continue reading

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