Still Busy

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Still insanely busy with this the setting up of the new company. Been setting up the company file on MYOB this afternoon, as well as setting up new forms etc.
Had all four postcodes to do on the relay again this morning. Although a lot of the posties were still there when i started loading, a few of them were waiting for me at the relay points, especially around Dianella.
I have to admit though, it IS nice to get paid to drive home. (The last relay point is around 500metres from my house).

I need to organise a new bank account, and I’m still waiting on my new ABN, so I’m not 100% set up yet, but I am happy with the amount of work I got completed today.

Apart from that there is nothing much new, so this is where I am going to leave this post.
Don’t forget to tune in next week … same bat time, same bat chan… oh that’s just lame. Ignore me, I ramble when I’m tired!

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