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This site is written using WordPress and uses some CSS3 – So if you’re viewing this on a browser that does not support CSS3 (Internet Explorer for example) you’re not getting all the gooey goodness that went into this design. Do the web a favour – Get Firefox, get Chrome, heck.. even get Safari. You won’t regret it ;)

For many years I had the site hosted on my ISP’s free webspace which did not give me access to an SQL database. All articles that have been written in a daily post format have been imported. My old ‘Monthly Update’ pages prior to May 2003 are archived here, with my original site circa 1999 long since disappeared like the mythical city of Atlan…. No, forget that, I’m getting carried away!

While I am using WordPress as my content manager I also write traditional static sites and create WordPress templates using the Adobe creative suite and am highly proficient in Dreamweaver and Photoshop, have a strong understanding of Illustrator and an acceptable understanding of Flash and PDF.

My first site was written in notepad and to a degree I still prefer to start a site in code before moving into a wysiwyg environment.

This site has evolved from a basic learning tool to teach myself html to a blog and finally a place to demonstrate my photography and, while social networking has become more prevalent and therefore more of my time is spent on such sites, I still maintain this site.

About Me

My name is Stuart Shearing, I live in Perth, Western Australia and this… is my life

  • I was born in London, England in October 1969 and moved to Australia in May 1981.
  • With a few exceptions, I have lived mostly in Perth’s northern suburbs, particularly around the Morley area.
  • My humour is a little twisted, slightly sarcastic and overweighted with irony.
  • I am a cat person and  our latest cat Diego is a Siamese who thinks he’s human.
  • I used to work full time while building up my own business. In 2008 I reduced my hours to concentrate more and in 2010 I stopped working and dedicated my time to my business. Late 2010 saw good growth and I’m hoping that 2011 will be a great year.
  • While I do enjoy movies, time restrictions mean I don’t get to very often. I tend to watch at home.
  • I listen to all kinds of music and I sing along. I (used to) sing at work, I sing at home, I sing in the car.. I didn’t say that I was any good, but that doesn’t stop me!
  • I’m a homebody and enjoy finding little projects to do around the house. I particularly enjoy gardening and have taken to growing vegetables.
  • I recycle.. I compost.. I would really like to convert to solar power .. I don’t know when it was that I turned into a greenie!
  • I have a passion for photography which can be found in the gallery section of this site
  • I have two beautiful children who I love more than anything else in this world.
  • My wife Lia has two children as well, this makes us a “blended family” or what most people refer to as a “Brady Bunch” family (here’s a story of a lovely lady…)
  • My addiction to Teh botol, an Indonesian tea drink which has far too much sugar in to be healthy, is finally under control but I won’t say no if it’s available as it’s great for washing down spicy Indonesian food.
  • Aku belajar bahasa Indonesia sudah lima tahun sekarang.
    Seharusnya aku sudah tau banyak! hihihi

Likes and Dislikes


  • Music – It really is my biggest passion
  • Computers – Welcome to the Geek family (you’d understand this if you saw my home office)
  • Cooking – I particularly enjoy cooking for family and friends
  • Eating – It follows on from “cooking” (above)
  • Photography – The advent of the digital camera has profoundly effected this site.
  • Gardening – Increasingly larger efforts and projects.


  • Racism – I just don’t get this one, we’re all fundamentally the same
  • Homophobia – If you’re really REALLY worried about it, maybe it’s time to take a good long look at yourself.
  • VoiceMail – I just don’t like speaking to machines… Which brings me to
  • Voice driven computers on telephone with Telstra being the chief protagonist.
    To clarify – When I call a company that I know I’m going to be on hold with, I’d rather use the speaker-phone until a real person answers. The trouble with these voice systems is they simply don’t ‘hear’ what you’re saying when on speaker so you end up having to pick up anyway. While it has not happened often, there has been times when I’ve accidentally disconnected the call when putting the handset down into the cradle to go back onto speaker again.
  • People who park in Disabled bays – Ignorance IS NOT a disability.
  • Kids leaving the lights on, the TV on, the shower dripping, the fridge door not closed properly… Actually, they’re getting pretty good at turning things off so my constant nagging must be working :D


  • Music
    • Pink Floyd – My mother playing “The Wall” at high volume influenced my taste in music. My favourite album is “Animals”
    • Iron Maiden – Got me through High School
    • Rammstein – Hard core German Industrial rock.
    • System of A Down – The “Gilbert and Sullivan” of metal
    • Metallica – before the black album when they used to be good and before they started to sue their fans!
    • Australian HipHop – Particularly “The Herd”
    • Vivaldi – The Four Seasons.
    • Holst – “Mars” from The Planets Suite
    • Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture – Roll out the cannons!
    • The Beatles – Particularly their later stuff, The White Album, Sergeant Peppers
    • Neil Diamond, Kate Bush, Simon and Garfunkel, Abba, ELO and a whole line of other bands that my peers just won’t like!
    • Midnight Oil – Political Australian rock band
    • Muse – Lia and I have found a common ground on this one
    • There is literally a heap of other stuff I listen to, not necessarily of a particular band, just tracks or songs or music that grabs me at the time.
  • Movies
    • The Sound of music – The hills are alive… Ok I don’t care, I still love this movie.
    • Pink Floyd, The Wall – This is a love it or hate it movie and due to the strong influence of the album being played really loud when I was growing up it’s not hard to work out why I fall into the first category.
    • Star Trek 4 – The one with the whales (Yes, I know my Geek is showing)
    • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Its just a jump to the left
    • Matrix – I’ve not seen the sequels and I have no intention to have the first one spoilt by them.. I don’t know if this makes me old school or just stubborn. (probably the latter!)
    • The Harry Potter movies.
    • The Lion King, Aladdin, Lilo and Stitch, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and a whole heap of other movies my kids watch over and over again!
    • 2001 – A space oddessy
  • Cars
    • My favourite car was a 1997 Subaru Impreza wagon. The car was so well balanced and the constant four wheel drive gave it incredible traction on the road. I brought it new and had it around 3 and a half years.
    • Sentimental favourite would be my 1974 Ford Escort. It was a complete rust bucket, it constantly broke down, and it was my first car. Everyone is allowed to have irrational feelings over their first car :)
    • Worst car – A 1999 Mitsubishi 8 seater wagon that lacked power and personality and was so prone to breaking down it even earned it’s own tag in this blog
    • Current car – 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe, replacing the 2003 version.
  • Television
    • Doctor Who – My favourite show of all time, I used to watch it religiously and now it is back on the ABC I am watching (and recording) it again. I collected the books from the series. when I was younger and now I’m working on the DVD’s as they become available. Yes, I’m in the “obsessed fan” category.
    • I don’t really watch much else, although I do enjoy NCIS, probably because of all the computer detective work bringing out my inner geek again!
  • Websites
    • A sporadically updated list of Websites I have enjoyed at one time or another can be found on this site in the Links section.
  • Theology
    • I was born into a Protestant Christian family now I am Buddhist with Theravada leanings, married to a Catholic.


I run a small Web Design and Hosting business from home

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