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Must… blog

Need to … blog

Gotta get out of this trap that is work and do something else.

This is how most of this month has been. With exception of the weekends, (spending time with my babies becomes the priority then) I have found myself getting up around 4.30, going out on the road until around 11, (or later) sitting in front of the computer setting crap up in MYOB, or doing stupid costings spreadsheets to try and balance out invoices that wont!
Maybe I’m on the phone to poor Jeffery at Post who must be sick of me by now, or to my accountant, who has this week gone on holiday (What kind of accountant takes a holiday for 6 weeks at the start of the new financial year? Grrrrr!)
Then in the late afternoon when I get so tired my head is dropping at the computer, I force myself to leave where I am and go and have a nap, only to wake up early evening and… back to work again.

Last nights effort kept me going until half past midnight.
This mornings effort… was trying to get out of bed when the alarm went off!

At least there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I even managed to do some filing this afternoon. I kinda had to though as I don’t think I could have fitted anymore in that tray even if I tried.

A friend of mine from Iowa is a habitual blogger and I do make time every day to read her My Blue House blog.
She is about to commence a Blogathon where she has to do a blog update every half hour for 24 hours (if anyone can do it SHE can) with the money raised going to various charities.
I would love to do something like that, but it just wouldn’t be practical for me. The other thing she does, which looks rather cool is the Photo Friday challenge.
Probably more practical to do something like that, trouble with Friday is that I have the kids, although with the time difference between here and the States, I could probably work on that in the evening after they go to bed.

Stay tuned!

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