A long time ago…

I used to really enjoy blogging. I was doing it before ‘blogging’ was even a thing, albeit monthly updates on a static website. However over time external pressures deminished my enjoyment and I slowly reduced the number of times I was posting, eventually to the point where I was not writing anything.

From time to time I come back on here and write a post saying “I’m really going to get back into this whole ‘blogging’ thing”, and of course, I never do…

Here comes another such post!

I guess the first thing I need to consider, if I’m going to actually resume posting to this site, is what kind of content I’m going to add.

I think I’ll keep away from personal things, mostly because someone I don’t particularly like used to follow this site to keep tabs on me (in a kind of creepy-stalker way that actually let me to stop posting in the first place).

So the obvious choices are to use this site for things like Photo Friday (which I also stopped around the time I stopped writing here), and my Doctor Who fandom

Whether I actually follow up on this plan and keep writing remains to be seen…

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