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I have been quite busy the last few days, so I haven’t posted anything. There was something that struck me as funny yesterday morning, but for the life of me, i can’t remember what it was.
I always seem to have the best inspiration in the early hours of the morning, when I do not have access to the computer!

The company is all set up, which means that I’m now a company director.
Woohoo! Because of the extra accounting and administration costs, it means I can afford to give myself a pay cut.
Let me tell you, I’m HELL excited about that!

At this stage I’m in transition mode, between operating as a sole trader and as an incorporated entity, so I have quite a bit on my plate at the moment. Its going to cause a little bit of extra paperwork for a while, as i am still going to run as a sole trader, billing my company which will in turn bill Post.
Are you keeping up?

I was busy with the relays this morning. Post run their street mail service out of central hubs called delivery centres. Their purpose is to deliver all the mail to the surrounding areas. As the posties are on small motorcycles they are unable to carry large amounts of mail so they have to break their runs up into quantities they can handle.
To save them having to constantly return to the depot, their run bags are sent to a convenient point somewhere on their run (a business willing to allow the bags to be left at their premises)

One of my jobs is to deliver these bags to the various locations so the posties can have them when they arrive. I do two postcodes and I usually receive a phonecall about half an hour beforehand to let me know what time. (These are time critical bags.)

This morning I didn’t get a phonecall and arrived at 8.30am (I have to clear a PO box there anyway) to find all the posties gone.
There weren’t that many bags this morning because it was a very light mail day, but there also wasn’t the other driver. So I ended up doing all 4 postcodes, stressing out the whole time because I half expected to get to a relay point and find a postie waiting for me.
There were none, so everything was fine. I did manage to get home relatively early though, so that can’t be a bad thing.

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