Wild weather

Last Sunday night while I was at work I received an SMS from Lia letting me know that the power had gone out. Nothing new there, I don’t know how many times I have blogged about the atrocious state of our city’s power supply.

What surprised me was coming home to find a mess of destruction down at the bottom of our street with trees uprooted and fences down. Apparently there had been rain and strong wind gusts, although the temperature outside at 1am was still in the low 30’s.

Down in East Fremantle where I was working there was nothing but heat. Isn’t it amazing what just 30 kilometres can do!

The next day I was speaking to my aunt and found that she had lost her pagola. A heavy timber structure that is near her pool just lifted off the ground, flew over the fence and hit the side of the neighbours house, taking out the air-conditioner condenser.

Interestingly enough, the fence was not damaged by the sudden departure of a tonne of timber and perhaps more strangely, an empty wine bottle sitting on a table under the pagola was still sitting there.

Although I could not find anything about it on the news we think that it was some tornado activity. It’s the only thing that could have explained the concentration of force.

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