Audio Test – For client

This link is using the “add embedded media” and not the “Add media” bar

Add Embedded Media

It’s clunky and difficult to manage because to get it to work I had to

  1. select media
  2. choose quicktime
  3. manually type the full path to the uploaded media
  4. physically set the size of the player (the default 100×100 made for a very small media bar)

The player also starts immediately which may not be the best option when embedding media into a post.

Second Solution

Attempts to use an inline audio plug in were proving fruitless but this was due to the wordpress version – the media player home page says it covers up to version 2.3 and this blog is running a more recent version. Clearly something in the latest version of WP is not compatible with the audio player.

A beta version 2.0 of the player is available from which worked very well.

While it is a beta version and therefore theoretically not 100% stable the plug in has a lot more settings and integrates nicely with the “Add media” bar that appears along the top of the WP Write Post page.

Add Media

The player is highly configurable and this is the result –


Much better!

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