The massive task of content updating

I have almost finished migrating content to the new site and will now go live. This is actually quite a large task as I am ditching a couple of major componants in my blogging arsenal.

Despite my original optimism of using Joomla for my CMS, I found it difficult to update, especially as I was using a bridge to make Gallery 2 and WordPress function. I was also updating content both in the Joomla editor for front end stuff, as well as the WordPress in the members section.

I am no longer using Joomla and as a result have had to migrate all the posts to WordPress, not an easy task as they are completely different so therefore the table structure in the database is different.

After downloading the database tables I edited the sql commands in Dreamweaver using a lot of copy/paste to re-format the structure making it compatable with WP. I also had to do some minor adjustments to the old members WP database to make it compatable with the latest version.

Second major change is the ditching of Gallery 2, which was unweildly, hard to edit templates and difficult to upload images using the Joomla bridge. I have now gone with Plogger, which is much more user friendly in template editing and updating. The downside of this means I had to manually change the links of every image across the site – We’re talking about 175 posts and an image gallery containing 1115 photographs and I haven’t even started with the pre-CMS stuff!

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