Just in time

This morning we took the bus into the city. It’s become something that we do quite regularly as transporting 2 adults and 4 kids around is not the easiest thing to do when your car only holds five.

Thankfully it’s incredibly cheap to head do. A $7.70 family day rider lets us travel anywhere across the perth public transport network.. All day. We make little excursions out of it.

Today we went into the city to go shopping, had lunch, popped into the art gallery, saw a global warming protest concert, went into Northbridge where they are setting up for the annual festival (which is tonight), had Es Telar (an Indonesian Ice dessert), stopped by Hyde park and played for a while before catching the bus to get home.

It had been overcast all day, but not cold, and the forecast had been for thunderstorms later.

There was lightning in the sky when we got off our bus and the distant roll of thunder. Four hundred metres to walk home.. No problem.

Emily and Cameron had run off ahead leaving James and Thomas with Lia and myself. With maybe a little more than 50 metres from the house I suddenly got hit by a big drop of water.

“Run” I exclaimed.

So we did and no sooner than we got into the house, the rain started bucketing down.

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