Rally 2005

It’s almost time for Rally Australia again and this year will be the last. The government has decided not to devote any resources to it any more, meaning that many years of hard work has come to nothing.

I got a personally addressed letter from the minister in charge of tourism somewhere near the start of the year that stated that they feel they can get better return for their investment with other sporting events. Apparently they put in about $2 million and the state gets a return of about $8 million.
If I still had the letter I could quote more accurately.

There are a lot of people very upset about the decision but I am not really one of them.

In fact, I really don’t give a shit!

This is something that I have been doing every year since 1990 and quite frankly, I am over it. The last couple of years I have just had no motivation for the event.

I have managed to find it as the event has drawn near, but the build up has just not thrilled me any. I enjoy what I am doing when I am doing it, but these days I don’t want to make sacrifices for the time I spend with my children. It doesn’t matter what the event, if it is a choice between doing something and having time with my kids, the kids will get my attentions every time.

This years rally falls on the weekend when I don’t have the kids, which makes life a little easier but I am actually glad this will be the last year… 16 years now and I think I am just doing it out of habit!

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