Corby II

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“Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction”
Faithless – Mass Destruction

If you see something that you know is not right, and you don’t do anything about it then you could be considered as being just as guilty as the perpetrator. This is why I am taking a stance against the bigotry that I have been witnessing in chat.

For my trouble, I got called an “Indonesian asslicker” by one such person. I thanked them, which probably irritated them more but was not offended by it. After all, the way that person was carrying on in the channel proved his stupidity and I would rather be an Indonesian arse licker than a xenophobic moron who can’t read past commercial media bullshit.

I am thoroughly disgusted by our media who have deliberately kept away from showing Corby in a bad light and concentrated on why she must be innocent.

There is only one person who really knows the truth 100% and that is Corby herself, however the commercial media has spend its time conducting a smear campaign against the Indonesian Justice System. They talk of kangaroo courts but ironically, the real kangaroo court is being conducted by Channel 9 and other media outlets with a commercial interest in the case. The accused in this court is not Corby, but the legal system of another country, an independent state.

Perhaps the most disturbing piece of gutter journalism is the comparison of the verdict for Corby and the sentence imposed on accused Bali bombing mastermind, Abu Bakir Bashir. Convicted for treason and received two years, he was found not guilty for his involvement in the bombing outside the nightclub.The three Indonesians who were convicted of the bombing are on death row, but this is not mentioned in the media.

Even if you disagree with me, try to think of this. Our government is trying to negotiate a prisoner transfer with the Indonesian government. How likely do you think this will be if people are abusing Indonesians, threatening to bomb the consulate and an Indonesian restaurant here in Perth, talking about boycotts and most nefariously, talking about asking for tsunami aid money back.

Misdirected anger is not going to help Corby!

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