Architecture Challenge

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Wyn was saying the he finds modern architecture appealing wondered if that makes him strange.

The answer to that, naturally, is no. I don’t think there is anything wrong with appreciating modern architecture. I live in a city that is only 175 years old, strikingly modern and very beautiful, and I have to say that I really do enjoy some of the modern buildings in this city.

Of course, architecture like all art is subjective. You may recall Wyn’s challenge earlier this year on ugly architecture and I am quite sure that there will be people that disagree with me on what I defined as “ugly”. Also, one of the downsides of posting ugly photographs is it’s so negative.

So how about posting to your webspace a series of architectural photographs that you like. Call it a sequel, if you will! Oh and don’t forget to let me know the link in the comments section so I can link back.

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