Computer building

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I got to do one of my favourite things on Wednesday, and that is go shopping for computer parts. Even better was that I didn’t have to pay!

A friend of mine was going to go out and spend big dollars on a new computer as his was running rather slow, so I suggested that I build one for him. That way I got to indulge in my geeky past-time and he got a new machine for a lot less money than buying a name brand.

I put it together on Wednesday afternoon but because I was transferring the OS from the old machine to the new machine I wanted to make sure that the software environment was up to scratch, otherwise I would just be transferring the old problems to the new machine.. And what problems there were!

The virus scanner was showing up as clean but I then went and did a scan using Spybot and found it riddled with Trojans, adware and diallers.

Having to reboot after each stage was a nightmare too because he was totally correct about the old machine being slow. Ten minutes to boot, my god!

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