Overdoing It

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This has been a pretty hectic week where I have been generally lacking in sleep, if you read my Catch up Post on Tuesday you would have an idea of how busy I was

I Did have one saving grace, the submission date for my assignment was put back a day, which was good because I was stumped on it for a while.
I was trying to find out some information on a program called htdigest used in Apache, but the information I was getting wasn’t really that clear in relation to what was required in the assignment.
I had read through mountains of technobabble from various forums, as well as the description on Apache dot org. But late on Wednesday evening I found a thread that changed my way of looking at this program. The htdigest file was not a stand alone file as I was previously thinking, but a subset of the htaccess file. Typing htdigest +htaccess into google gave me much desired results
It was getting close to midnight, so I decided to leave it till the morning

Unfortunately, my mind thought otherwise, giving me insomnia and preventing my sleep until well after 2am

With my new found information, I planned to get stuck straight into the assignment as soon as I got home. Its a pity I totally lacked motivation, so I ended up cleaning the house up a bit, finally getting stuck into the task around 11.

I used to use MS Word to do all my assignments, in fact it is still on this machine, but these days I tend to use the open sourced OpenOffice on all my machines.
This is a very good full office suite that is available to download for free, and I have never had any problems with it. However I may have crunched too hard when I was doing a spell check and it locked.
No I hadn’t saved any of my work done that day.
Yes I did lose over an hours work

I then had to go to Subiaco and take some photographs, annoying because, even though I deliberately took multiple shots in case of a focus problem, all photos of one particular piece of furniture came out blurred.
Every one!

There went my plans of getting some catch up sleep in the afternoon

Today’s plans for sleep went out the window when I had a call from Amanda asking if I could pick Jamie up early
Naturally that’s a stupid question, I’m certainly not going to miss the chance to get extra time with my babies. Only trouble was, by 6pm I was pretty much a walking zombie.

Ahh hell, it was worth it!

Despite the near narcoleptic state I was finding myself in, I had a Rally Aus meeting to go to this evening. This is the final briefing before the main event starting next Thursday so I had no choice but to go. Also seeing as I had deliberately not gone to any of the weekend training sessions (although I did go to the trial event), I knew I would really be pushing my luck if I cut this one.

My parents babysat and I tried to stay awake through the tedious speech.
Thankfully I got my second wind… Which is dwindling now, so I’m off to bed!
Just wanted to blog this while I was thinking it

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