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I really am going to have to complain about the traffic lights more often. If you read my post yesterday you will remember I was grumbling about a particular intersection in the city that I always get the red lights at.
I traverse this intersection generally four times a working day between 6.20 am and about 7.40am, and yesterday I got the green light ALL FOUR TIMES.

I’m currently drawing a list of other intersections I want to whinge about, and will post these on Sunday. Come Monday I’m going to have the best run with the traffic lights ever!!!

Had a phone call from Amanda yesterday evening to let me know that some of the archive links weren’t working.
Oh crap!
I write and code this blog manually using an old version of homesite. I like this program because it gives me control over the code and doesn’t fuck it around like some WYSIWYG editors can do. *cough* Frontpage *cough*

Anyway, to cut a long story short. I stuffed up when I was editing and didn’t change everything after I had copied and pasted the link code.
This problem is now fixed… Well, at least until I stuff it up again!

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