Can we fix it… No we can’t

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I have been meaning to post for a couple of days now, but I really haven’t had anything on my mind.
Oh, with the exception of Thursday. I think I had a vice grip on my mind that day.
I woke up ok, but by about 5.45am I was starting to ache and getting nauseous. Joy of joys, a migraine.

I pretty much wrote Thursday morning off.
I still had to continue with my work until I could get someone to take over for me, one of the joys of self employment, but as soon as I got home I took a codeine tablet and went to bed.

I got suckered into fixing someone’s computer for them and I have to admit, I’m ready to scream.
They are running Windows ME on an old 166mhz Pentium with 32mb RAM and only 200mb of free space left on the HDD.
Not really a good choice of Operating System at the best of times, even worse on a computer designed for Windows 95, but apparently it has been plodding along just fine for the last couple of years.

Outlook express gave up the ghost, claiming it didn’t have enough memory to run. Yes I’m not surprised. Windows needs memory, and lots of it. It utilises all the physical RAM first and then after that it uses “virtual memory”, disk space pretending to be memory in the form of a swap file.
The more these people have been putting stuff on their machine, the more they have been cutting into the available space for this swap file.

As they want to do an upgrade on this machine next year, and as the machine is running SIMM memory, I wanted to avoid the cost of upping the RAM, so I thought a larger hard disk would be a good start. Only trouble is, the company who did the last upgrade password protected the BIOS and I can’t get into it to make hardware changes.


Ahh primal scream therapy!
Now where’s my hammer!

Jamie and I stayed home today and watched TV, played computer games (hello ABC kids) and just generally playing games. Even though we didn’t go anywhere, we had a great time. I had him in fits of laughter doing a couple of things.
Tickling is always a sure fire method. He was standing next to me going “tickle, tickle, tickle” to which I was going “No, no, no… oh ok”, grabbing him and tickling his stomach.
Another one had him pulling my jaw to get me to open my mouth, which i would do then hold my mouth open. After a short while (or sometimes straight away) I would poke my tongue out at him, which had him recoiling in fits of laughter.

*sigh* he’s so damn cute!

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