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I was so happy.. I bought another one!

Long term readers of this site will recall that, 3 years ago in October, I bought myself a new car. I have been very happy with it but, with 2 adults and 4 children it is now impractical due to … Continue reading

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New Pond (part three)

It was my aim to finish the pond for my birthday but the cost of the liner was more than I had anticipated so I accepted that I would not be able to get the stones needed to finish it … Continue reading

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New Pond (part two)

With winter passing the weeds had taken over the bush garden causing the pea gravel to get further buried under the sand. Unfortunately I had not taken photos of the project at this stage so I cannot show you what … Continue reading

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New Pond (part one)

When I first moved into this house, I started to formulate an idea for a new pond in the back garden. There actually was pond already, but it didn’t look very good so my plan was to fill it in … Continue reading

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We’re in the Swan Valley

Mandy approached me this morning asking me how well I know the Swan Valley. “Umm”, I replied, thinking that she wanted to know where a particular restaurant or vineyard was. “I know where it is!” “How about Baskerville?” she asked. … Continue reading

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Just in time

This morning we took the bus into the city. It’s become something that we do quite regularly as transporting 2 adults and 4 kids around is not the easiest thing to do when your car only holds five. Thankfully it’s … Continue reading

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The other night we had so many kids knocking on our door with cries of “Trick or Treat” As much as I wanted to berate them about the adoption of yet another Americanism diluting our culture, I just couldn’t do … Continue reading

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