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Upcoming trip to Jakarta

We have a minor dilemma with our upcoming trip to Jakarta and it’s got nothing to do with the bombings at the Marriot and Ritz Carlton last week and the subsequent (and highly predictable) travel warning issued by the Australian … Continue reading

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Camping Holiday

When I was younger my mates and I used to hop on our bikes and head off camping. We went down south and up north but our final trip was a big one to the next major city, Adelaide, some … Continue reading

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I have said before that there is no such thing as a schedule when it comes to flying in Indonesia. I have been on quite a few domestic flights and never have I been on one that left on time. … Continue reading

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About Ready

One week later and I have got much more done. I have US$50 for the visas, a little over a million rupiah in ready currency as well as Australian dollars. Lia has been packing for the last two weeks and … Continue reading

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7 Days

It’s already after 4am on Friday morning and I really should be hauling my sorry self off to bed instead of blogging but here I am. As it’s Friday it’s just one week before Lia and I depart to Jakarta … Continue reading

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Christmas 2006

Merry Christmas and selamat Natal everyone.

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