Archiving almost complete

It has taken me quite some time but I have just about archived all my posts from my old site into WordPress. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do as most of the images are not working but I will rectify that as I quickly as I can

With the archiving done I can do a couple of things – Firstly I can write new content without stressing about the URI link being broken and secondly I can clean up the whole site and remove the dead files and older WordPress/self built CMS/image gallery applications and start from scratch. It seems like a great way to start a new decade.

Also, I can work on the new template (which I’d already designed but haven’t built). It would be nice to have this completed by tomorrow because I’ve used New Year’s Day to launch new designs in the past so it feels appropriate.

I’m certainly not planning on spending NYE working on the computer so that last part may be a stretch but you never know your luck.

Selamat tahun baru / Happy new year

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