It’s OK to love shopping, just don’t LOVE shopping

Post Christmas sales is a good time to pick up a bargain and on Sunday I was in Myer at the Galleria in Morley when I saw a couple of items of clothing that I wanted to try on.

As I walked into the change room, three staff members came in behind me, bending over to look through the gap at the bottom of the stalls, the female staff member making an exclamation of disgust as they all departed.

As I closed the door to my stall I looked down to see what they were looking and saw a guys legs and although I couldn’t see clearly I was guessing he was sans pants.

While I was trying on the clothes I had selected I heard him start to moan and I suddenly had this horrible realisation that he probably was … flying solo!

After putting on a pair of shorts I went out to show Lia and that was about the time when store security arrived.

I was trying on some jeans as they pounded on the door and asked the person to come out. Persons, in fact as it turned out to be a young couple who had decided to do something a little adventurous.

Store security didn’t make too much of a big deal out of it. They apologised to me although I was more amused than anything and, as the couple had said they were both just trying on clothes, security pointed out to them that the female change rooms were all on the floor below.

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