Security – The online kind

I am an easy touch. I will happily listen to what people want to say to me and in chatting I will always assume that people are being honest. However that does not make me gullible. I will trust my instincts if things start to go in the wrong direction.

So of course, when someone that I once chatted with for all of 5 minutes comes on IRC and asks if I remember them (I say yes and dive for my logs) and then proceeds to ask for a favour, I’m all willing to help until I discover that she wants me to accept packages through the mail and then forward them on.

[03:10] i order some stuff from us and shipped to aussie
[03:11] (RiFQa) can i use ur address to ship that stuff ?
[03:11] (RiFQa) cause my friend go to singapore
[03:11] (RiFQa) so i want to forwart that packages to your address
[03:11] (stu) hmm
[03:11] (stu) i don’t know if i can
[03:12] (RiFQa) just forwart that packages.
[03:12] (RiFQa) i can give u extra cash if you can help me
[03:12] (RiFQa) please…im begging u
[03:12] (RiFQa) hiks
[03:13] (stu) i would like to help you but i don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be doing that
[03:13] (stu) sorry
[03:13] (RiFQa) okay
[03:13] (RiFQa) no problem
[03:13] (RiFQa) but …whyy
[03:13] (RiFQa) can u explain me
[03:15] (stu) instinct and common sense

Yeah.. but no!

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