Firefox 2.0

After a false start I have upgraded to the latest Firefox browser.

When Version 2 first came out I installed it onto my computer only to find a minor bug in the way the tabbing works due to a customisation that was set up.

My configuration of Google was part of the problem, but it would have difficulties in many other sites as well.

In Google, you can set your preferences to open up search results in a new window. I then use Firefox to force new window links into a new tab instead.  It makes searching for things very easy because you can open up a few pages based on your search request without having to go back all the time.

The bug was causing Firefox to open two new “empty” tags and the link in a new window.

Version has fixed this minor annoyance.

The new Internet Explorer, version 7 is also available now and still it does not comply with W3 standards for CSS rendering, which makes coding for IE a royal pain in the proverbial.

If you are using IE, please concider using Firefox

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