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One of the things that I want to get running again is the Haloscan commens that I have used in the past .

It appears to be something in the Joomla CMS that is upsetting the applecart and stopping comments from working.

For some reason it is adding the URL into the href, even though it is not called in the code, thus disabling the comments.

For example, my archived posts used this piece of html and php to call up the comments link –

Comments on <a xhref=”javascript:HaloScan(‘<? echo”$blog_title” ?>’);”>

where the php variable was the name of the post for automating the comments and the javascript call is included at the top of the page.

Under the old site this still works fine, but in joomla instead of returning html to the browser that might say Comments on <a xhref=”javascript:HaloScan(‘post name’);”> I end up with Comments on <a xhref=”http://juslooken.com/javascript:HaloScan(‘post name’);”>

Enter the 404!

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