Inspiration and Encouragement

Basic Skills
Reading – Can read well but he must read more loudly
Number – On the whole steady progress, but he is too old to still be writing his figures the wrong way.
Handwriting – He does not always work to the best of his ability.

Creative Ability
Original writing – At times quite good ideas spoilt by careless writing.
Art and Handwork – He enjoys this subject.
Mime and Drama – The required effort is not always made.
Singing – Could be good if he did not, at times, drift off into his world of fantasy.

Social Attitudes
Obedience – On the whole, satisfactory
Kindness to others – He likes to help with classroom duties.
Order and neatness – He must try to be neater with his written work
Application to work – At times, strict supervision required to keep his mind on his work, otherwise he would drift off to “dreamland”
Attendance and punctuality – Excellent

While cleaning up some stuff in my room today I came across my old school reports. I thought I would share this one with you. It was from a teacher called Miss Barker and she was my first grade teacher. I was 5 years old when I first went into her class.

From the old school of teaching, she would criticise, use sarcasm and she was very scary.

I had to chuckle over this report, especially the drifting off to dreamland, something that I still do to this day. I know it used to annoy the heck out of bitch-ex.

I remember once asking her where the pencils were, only to be informed that they were on the roof. I guess I would have looked quizzically at her because her next sentence was “Well, ask a silly question..”

Barker was an appropriate name..

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