Moving on

It’s fair to say that I have not been happy with my work with Post.

I enjoy the work, I enjoy the social interaction with some really really good people that I work with and I particularly enjoy the flexibility that starting and finishing early gives me.

Having said that, I do not enjoy having to go to work when I am not feeling well simply because I cannot get someone to replace me. I also don’t like the increasing conditions that they are placing on us, such as needing to give 6 months notice if you want to take time off.

It’s running costs that are really killing me now though. That and a slow decrease in my revenue base is making this job increasingly difficult.

Once I used to make a comfortable living off the work, the last two years I have been barely surviving.

With that in mind I have decided that I will no longer do the post deliveries.

It is something that I have been thinking about for the last five or six months but last week I decided that enough was enough.

I don’t know when I will finish up. My contract is up for renewal at the end of next month so I may leave then or I might wait until the end of October. I also have no idea what I will do next but I am not worried about that as I have a couple of good leads and I can always find work of some description.

Still, having made a definite decision to go has taken a weight off my mind.

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