Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is now working properly.

I had been kinda pulling my hair out on it because it was not letting me add one of the paths to the configuration file. Every time that I tried to add it, it just disappeared from the field.

I had been looking through the support forum without much success until Friday when I found a little piece of information that helped me out.

It seems someone else had the same problem for the same reason as me and the reason was thus –

The version of Joomla that I have installed is current but not the absolute latest version so when I first installed the bridge it absolutely refused to work with the gallery. I soon realised that I needed to install the previous version of the bridge so I uninstalled and downgraded to the previous version.

It seemed to be fine but it would not let me put in the field that tells the relative server path to the gallery.

It turns out that when I installed the bridge originally it set up the tables in the database for that version and left a redundancy in the table when I downgraded.

So I logged into the database through phpmyadmin and deleted the g2 tables, uninstalled the bridge and reinstalled again.

It worked like a charm so I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday night setting up the gallery.

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