One of my websites was hacked yesterday by a pro Islamic hacker spouting anti-Denmark propaganda. This is the third time that the security of that one website has been compromised and I was beginning to suspect that the owner was being less than secure with his password details or personal computer management.

However doing some further research into it, I found a list of other sites that had been defaced with the same hack and I am starting to think that the weak link in the security chain is at the company which provided me support for their image gallery.

I have successfully used the gallery on that site and another but the problems started when I migrated the site to a new server and had problems getting the SQL database to work again.

The support people were very quick and efficient in getting the site back online, however two days afterwards someone put an IRC Trojan onto the server.

I don’t think the problem is with the company, but I believe that maybe one of their former or current techies is working to a different agenda.

I’m waiting on a return email before I continue but it looks like I might have to delete the account off the server and reinstall it from scratch.


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