Bali Again

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There is a greeting used in Islamic parts of Indonesia. It is the Arabic assalamualaikum, it means “peace be on you”. This is the true meaning of Islam, not a cowardly act by people who use religion as an excuse to carry out vile acts against other people to forward their own ideals.

What end does bombing restaurants in tourist areas have. Does it strike a blow against western imperialists?

No! It destabilises the economy which is already volatile after a previous bombing and the recent increase in fuel prices.

The biggest victims of this latest terror attack will of course be the Indonesian people in particular the Balinese who rely heavily on the tourist trade.

I have been in contact with four friends of mine who live there and thankfully they are all ok, I have two close friends, Evi and Juliana who work in the tourist industry. Evi’s friend is the manager of the restaurant in Kuta that was bombed. I have not heard if he is ok but when I spoke to Juliana on Saturday night she said that both her and Evi were worried. I spoke to Evi on the phone this evening but there is no way I could ask her about that.

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