Photoquest 20

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I left it late last month.. Flip was late this month.. Not my fault, really!!

Alarm clock .
Is just not very attractive, or photogenic .. so, let’s do a low light shot shall we!
Daily newspaper .
Two different ones, both from the eastern states. One is the “Financial Review” and the other is the national broadsheet “The Australian”
I took this photo at my favourite coffee shop. The local daily “The West Australian” was unavailable because all copies were being read by other patrons.
The wiring situation …
…under your computer desk.. Is scary!
Your mobile phone (part 1).
This is my Samsung phone. I have had it for 19 months now and it’s still going strong.. I really like this phone
Your mobile phone (part 2).
In fact, I like it enough to give you a second look .
Something you can’t or won’t eat.
I thought this would be tough, as really I will eat anything. But then a couple of hours later I realised exactly what I don’t eat.. not because of the quality of food, but for political reasons.

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