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It took just over 24 hours for the DNS to update, but here I am again and with just about a perfect migration.

I expected there to be some minor hiccups with the transfer of the site because of how it was hosted on my ISP web space in the past so to explain, here’s a very quick lesson in web coding for the layperson.

When an image or a link is called on a website, the easiest way to do it is to call it from the site root by using a / for example “/images/my_image.jpg” or “/index.php“. If you move the site to a new URL it doesn’t matter because the browser already knows the website URL so without making any change to the code http://www.site1/index.php will easily become http://www.site2/index.php

That’s fairly clear, right?

By hosting on my ISP web space, the web root was the ISP website, so if I was to call an image I had to call it from /~seja/ , which meant that I had to modify just about every page to allow the images to work after migration.

The other think I had to do was change the server paths to allow some of the nifty php goodness that I have written to still work, and all this without being able to test properly until after the DNS had taken effect.

At first glance it looks like I have successfully managed to move everything correctly with exception of the header image. Not a bad effort at all!

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