All packed and ready to move

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I decided that I would move the whole site when I migrated it to the new server. I also decided that, seeing as the URI chain would not be the same, I would go and do some major cleaning up of earlier posts so.. Anything written in “individual post” form has now been converted to php, as have all the photo meme pages. The older stuff that was combined (ie the stuff before June 2003) has all been put into a folder at /archive/oldsite.

I had to go through all the configuration settings because the server path is also different. I am hoping that I won’t have too many errors, however I will have to find out when the files are on the new server.

I am currently ftp’ing, but the amount of image files that I have mean that it’s going to take quite a while.

So, having said that.. this may well be the final post I write on old ISP web space.

One last thing, I will change the DNS records for the domain on Monday, so if you access this site via the domain name, and a lot of people do.. there may be a period where it is offline, but … I’ll be back!

UPDATE 2010 : Now doing the same thing, but archiving these posts into WordPress

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