I like the ABC but…

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Firstly, forgive the lack of postings. I was busy last week and in bed, laid up with a nasty cold this week.

I have mentioned in the past that the episode of Doctor Who that caught my imagination in the first place was the story “Full Circle”. I could even specifically narrow it down to the second episode that won me over.

The episode ends with Romana, trapped in a cave surrounded by very large and nasty looking spiders that have been emerging from the riverfruits. Despite her initial confidence that “they’re only spiders” she soon realises that they are stalking her. Trapped in the corner with no way out and spiders approaching she picks up a riverfruit to throw at the nearest spider.

At that moment it bursts open and the spider inside lands on her face, biting her.

I will always remember this episode and how much it terrified me when I was a child, so naturally I was very excited when this story finally made it back in the current round of repeats on the ABC.

Unfortunately the second episode of this story was on the same day that London was bombed in terrorist attacks causing the episode to be replaced by live coverage courtesy of the BBC World Service.

I fully accept that breaking news stories like these are of much higher priority than a re-run of a 23 year old episode of a science fiction show but what annoys me is that the episode was not rescheduled at all. It was just omitted.

This is because the episode actually did go to air in the eastern states of Australia before the network switched to the live TV coverage.

Dear Stuart

Thank you for your email regarding Doctor Who.

Doctor Who – Full Circle Episode 2, was shown in the Eastern States bedcause it was broadcast before we received the breaking news on the London bomb blasts, at approximately 7.10pm EST. Unfortunately, due to the extended coverage of the London bombings, we were not able to show this episode in WA and also, we will not be able to repeat episode two of ‘Full Circle’ in Western Australia.

I have attached a link to the BBC – Dr Who website which might fill in some of the blanks: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/episodeguide/fullcircle/plot.shtml

I’m sorry I can’t provide better news on this occasion but thank you for supporting the ABC.

Kind regards

(name removed)
ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs

It’s not unusual for Auntie to disregard the time difference. I regularly listen to the ABC youth network, Triple J and they have run competitions that require you to “call now” with no regard for the fact that we get the broadcast on a two hour delay.

It’s not unusual, but it’s irritating to no end!

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