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Maybe that DIY bug is rubbing off on me.. I blame Flip

I decided that I really needed to sort out my office and clean it up a little because it is just starting to get cramped up with junk. I also decided that a good place to start would be getting the computers off my desk.

This is fairly tidy, but usually when I am working the bench space gets covered in paper.

I had an old bookshelf that was made to go with the desk before we put a larger shelf up onto the wall, and I figured that I could use this to place the computers on.
As I was essentially just turning it upside down the first think I needed to do was remove the support bracket around from the old bottom to the new one.

I then added castors to the base to make it easy to wheel in and out and then placed the computers on it. There was quite a jumble of cables.

I know that every geek worth his/her salt is going wireless, but for me a cabled network is just fine

Nearly finished. My dad made a box to hide the UPS and powerboards and I used wire ties to clean up all the cables

The finished product… Although I might paint the power box!

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