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I have not really said much about Dr Who since the new series started here in Australia on 21 May so I thought that would be a good start for breaking the webpost drought.

I was really looking forward to the new series with much anticipation but I avoided all the fan sites because I don’t want to have any spoilers. The BBC website is giving me enough information so I have a good idea of what is coming up and that’s how I knew that the Autons would be the menace that the Doctor will face in the debut episode.

In some ways I was a little disappointed with the first episode, but I guess that’s partly because it was settling in for the new characters as well as being more concerned about pace than story development, something that I used to enjoy about the old series

The following episodes have been very enjoyable, but I particularly enjoyed the two parter that was just on. Starting with “Aliens of London” and concluding with “World War Three ” they had a nice build up that ended with a cliffhanger. The story was well constructed (although I am not sure about the fart humour in it) and was scary enough to have the kids needing to cuddle up to me, which I guess is akin to hiding behind the couch like so many kids did in the 60’s

Saturdays episode sees the return of the Daleks… Can’t wait!

Speaking of Doctor who, the repeat episodes are up to season 18, which is the era that caught my imagination in the first place. I was aware of Doctor Who before that, but it was the story “Full Circle” that really got me sucked in.
I saw it in the UK when it was first televised and then got to see that one again along with the rest of the season when we moved to Australia in `81

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