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I can’t believe I won something, so good, so unexpected. It turns out that I was the 600th person to comment on Wyn’s website and my prize is I get to ask a question and request a photograph..

Oh goodie.. Homework!

Wyn is also Buddhist and my first thoughts were to ask a question relating to one of the precepts, but that could possibly be uninteresting for other readers (i.e. downright boring).
It was the photography meme site Thursday Challenge that gave me the idea of what to ask. The subject this week is “Devotion” and I went out and took some photographs of Temples in my area..

As a result, I have decided to go with this question.

Here in Australia we are very lucky to be a multi-cultural society. I know one street not very far from me that, in the space of just 500 metres has a Mosque, a Buddhist Temple and a Christian Church.
Because Switzerland is a much more traditional European country, I was wondering if they have m/any temples there?

Hopefully you do because for my photo request I would be really pleased if you could take a photo of one for me.

As I feel that it is only fair for me to reciprocate with this, I have included a photo of a Vietnamese Temple that is in my delivery area.

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