Weird Weather

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about some weird weather where the temperature actually rose overnight.

Here’s some more!

Last week we were enjoying summer and yesterday it was Winter.
Thursday was quite cool in the morning so I put on long pants and dragged my light weight work jacket out from under the passenger seat where it has been sitting for the last four months because I was too lazy to take it in and hang it up! By mid morning however, it was pleasant enough that I didn’t need it.

Yesterday the temperature plummeted. It was cold, it was wet and it was blowing a gale outside.

At lunch time I went to visit my mother. I had been in the house wearing my favourite warm jumper, a Stussy one that is about 13 years old now and is nice and warm, but it is not really suitable for wearing out these days and we were planning on going to the Galleria to do some shopping. So instead I put on a nice warm jumper and walked outside to leave.

And walked straight back in again!

It was so cold I actually got out my heavy winter coat to wear. It was not so much the temperature but the wind factor that was chilling me. Perth is actually a very windy place and is said to be the third windiest city on the planet after Auckland and Chicago.

To put things in perspective here is some data from the Bureau of Meteorology

23 March 2005
The overnight minimum was 17.2 at 0605 hours
Today’s maximum was 41.9 at 1333hours

1 April 2005
The overnight minimum was 11.8 at 0628 hours
Today’s maximum was 14.7 at 1152hours


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