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It seems that the less you work the more benefit you get for being an official at the rally. At one stage the free windup party was on a Monday night, giving everyone a chance to recover from the weekend. The last couple of years it has been on the Sunday night meaning that people who work long hours, or finish up late don’t get chance to enjoy it.

Case in hand. I worked Thursday and Friday night, Saturday I was at Gloucester Park for 15 ½ hours with a six hour reprieve before having to be back there at 03.20 on Sunday morning. I was then working out in the sun for the whole day. I finally finished at 18.30 and decided that there was no point in going home and getting ready for the after party, because I was so tired that I would just not want to go back there anyway.

So I went to the party. I got there at 7pm, and left half an hour later. I got myself a bottle of water and a bottle of lemonade from the bar and went to get dinner, which ended up being two stingy little pieces of rather chewy meat on a couple of stale bread rolls. I asked for more meat but apparently they wanted to ration it and they suggested I rejoined the queue.

I politely told her that I had just been working 17 hours and that I would be going straight home after dinner, but in hindsight I wish I’d just told her to fuck off!

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