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OK, so far so good. It seems to be working ok.

There are a couple of things I wanted it to do that it just isn’t at the moment. Firstly though, this is what I have done –

Because I do not have database support, every page is manually written. To make updating a little easier I have been using Server Side Includes. Of course everything you can do in SSI you can also do in php, but as updating this site fully would require a lot of work I am not really looking forward to making major changes like that (just yet).
While SSI does make it a little easier to manage the archives, I am still modifying four files every time I want to make an entry. Five if you count the actual archive page itself (although I only update that one a couple of times a month)

With this small change I have done two things.
Firstly I have taken one of the files out of the loop all together, so instead of opening up archive/2004/filename.shtml which then reads the actual post you can access the blog post directly via blog/index.php?number

Secondly I have put a variable into each post to make the comments tracking automatic. I am currently looking at a way to make it more automatic by reading the filename, but I haven’t found out how to do that just yet.

The only thing that is bugging me is the box around this post via the archive section. For some reason it is expanding past the 800 pixels that I want it to be and I have no idea why. The div tag code is thus –
<div id=”body” style=”position:absolute; left:225px; top:100px; width:575px; z-index:1; height: auto;”>
which for all intensive purposes should make it stop at 800 pixels. The logic being that it starts at 225 (which it does) and is 575 wide.

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