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You may have noticed that there is a new logo on this site. While I was happy with the old one I felt it was time for a change, and my recent trip to the beach gave me the chance to take a photo specifically for the header image.

The old one was actually created in photoshop. I took a scanned photo of a beach portrait taken many years ago, took a small corner strip from it, duplicated it twice and reversed the duplicates pushing them up to the original image on either side. I then blended the 3 images together to make one long background.

The text was created using a mix of Photoshop’s airbrush tool and the rubberstamp tool to create a “writing in the sand effect”.

As the new image was taken specifically for updating the the logo the background it one image. The text, however was not as simple as it looks. I originally wrote out the new text selected a font, spaced it out and positioned it. I then wrote over the top of it using a single letter at a time in a new layer.
Once that was done I deleted the original text and then adjusted each letter so it was as close in colour to the background sand as possible. I then dropped shadow on each layer, flattened the image, colour and contrast adjusted it web optimised it and uploaded it.

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