Swedish mile long assignment

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It is said that you should learn a new thing every day, and today I learned that a Swedish mile is not a mile at all, but around 6 miles. As if imperial measurements aren’t confusing enough!

Meanwhile, at around the same time that I am freezing my butt off through one of the coldest Perth nights ever, I am having to deal with two people from Norway telling me that it’s not really cold. Funny, I’m sure I remember blogging about relative temperatures around this time last year. (From the BOM website – The overnight minimum was 1.2 at 0630 hours)

My assignment that I have been working so hard on is finished and online. It’s interesting for me to see the learning curve in it as some of the earlier scenes are not as good as the later ones. The scenes I started with were the colour scenes and I’m not so happy with them, however the work I did after that was pretty damn good.

I spent about 40 hours just coding the animation, and I think it shows. If you are interested in looking at it, I have put it up on my work site http://www.seja-design.com.au/instructional_design.html and I would love to hear some feedback on what you think.

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