Epic Fuckwits

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It is amazing the lack of thought some companies give to the wider community, especially if that company is involved in the supply of an essential service. One of the major players in the states energy infrastructure, Epic Energy decided to do a major service on the Dampier to Bunbury gas pipeline and has, as a result, reduced the gas flow output to everyone, including the government owned power utility Western Power.

As a result, for the next two weeks all residents in the south west of Western Australia are on power restrictions to limit the possibilities of blackouts. Particularly targeted are air conditioner units with Western Power concerned that if temperatures go into the high 30’s for a few consecutive days, the demand on the power grid will be too much.

According to The West Australian, Western Power has a few tips for conserving energy during peak times.

The suggestions include reducing the use of air-conditioners, using pool pumps in the evening and cooking with microwaves and barbecues rather than ovens.

It has also recommended that people avoid showers or using washing machines and dishwashers before 8pm, until the gas supply is returned to normal on February 3.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Main Roads Department is now advising that power blackouts could result in traffic signal failure

A Main Roads spokesman said yesterday the restrictions could lead to temporary blackouts at traffic intersections from Kalbarri to the south coast.

Now it is understandable that a company needs to carry out maintenance, but as the peak usage for electricity is in the height of summer and the peak usage for natural gas is mid winter, surely the logical time to do these repairs would be March through to May or October to December.
Apparently not, so I would just like to say a big hello to the nice people at Epic Energy.. You fucking idiots!

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