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Idle thoughts
I deliver the post to one of the major central city department stores and noticed they had a large collection of Christmas trees in their dispatch area.
You know its September when the Christmas stock starts to arrive. I love rampant commercialism

People in Perth just do not know how to drive on wet roads. This morning watching a truck nearly jack-knife his large trailer stopping for an amber light had me thinking “why?”
There was no way he was going to stop, why did he even try?

Simple, the car in front of him, the car with ABS brakes, hauled them on when the lights started to change.
Hey here’s the deal, amber means you must stop if it is safe to do so. Moron!

I just realised that even though I just blogged, my ISP is upgrading their webservers tomorrow and have disabled FTP from this morning while they do. Apparently they are upgrading the hardware and have decided that it would be a good time to do software upgrades too, so by the time I post this blog it will be tomorrow, except it will be today for you and I would have wrote this yesterday…
That’s clear, isn’t it…

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