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The backend updates to the site are completed. Hopefully there are no more dead links and navigation errors, time will tell.
I was hoping to use a simple 301 redirect in my .htaccess file to make sure people who have bookmarked defunct pages (or enter via search engines) don’t get a 404 error, but for some reason it just isn’t working. I don’t know why this would be the case as it is an incredibly basic line of code and .htaccess is available to me.

Instead I rewrote all the old html files that have been replaced with a simple meta refresh and a cuteish message asking that bookmarks be updated.

I have an assignment due … yesterday and I really haven’t done much on it, so I think tonight that will be my project… so why the hell am I blogging???
Actually I know the reason. Procrastination! The hardest part of any assignment (for me) is actually starting it. It was the same with the last one, me putting it off and doing other things (like cleaning the aquarium) until I had built up the motorvation

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