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Every few month, Post insists on making us go to stupid meetings where they tell us how great the company is doing, and how much better off we all are compared to all the other courier companies in Australia and of course, hand out the quarterly achievement awards.
I wasn’t expecting to get anything!

I knew this was going to be the case, because it was made clear to me by the operations manager that you have to work a full day to be eligible.
Interesting, so the achievement award isn’t actually based on achievement. It’s irrelevant that I start earlier than anyone else, that I shuttle a whole load of mail from our Welshpool base into the city for some of the drivers, pro bono.

It’s certainly not known at the office that I managed to pacify one of their major clients, who were getting quite shitty by the lack of service they were getting, the same client who went into panic mode when I took two days off sick a few months ago.

This driver has been with us for about 40 years and is a set run driver, if we don’t hear anything in the office about set runs then things must be going well. We don’t get any complaints about this driver, so these movie tickets go to…
Of course I’m thinking, “My god, could it be???”
I’ve been there longer than anyone else bar 3 other drivers

I needn’t have got excited…
I forced a smile and applauded the recipient, who I wont deny, did deserve them.

Now I have stated before that I think the whole exercise is a waste of time, and that I’m really not interested in getting movie tickets anyway.
So why did I feel so disappointed? I certainly hadn’t felt this way in the past. Confidence that I always put a lot of effort into the service levels I provide has been enough for me.


Talking of movies, I’ve noticed all the billboards out for the new American Pie movie. Number 3, The Wedding.
I missed the second one, no great loss, but I hear in the third one, the scene where he consummates the marriage to the pie is a sheer hilarity!


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