Rally Oz trial event

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Rally Australia is rapidly creeping up on me and I have to confess I am losing my motivation for it. This weekend was the Clubman cup which is always used as a trial event for the main show so I had to head down to Jarrahdale (about 50km south of Perth) so I could write start times on a piece of paper

Blah! I would have rather stayed home with the kids.

Actually, I think that’s my main reason for lacking enthusiasm. I consider the time I spend with my children precious and I get annoyed when something interrupts that.

Rally was something I used to be really passionate about, but this is my 14th year working as an official and I’m finding other things to be more important.
This isn’t the first year I have felt like this, but this year I am beginning to ask myself, “am I doing it just for tradition?”
Who knows?
Once the event starts and I get the adrenaline (or is that av-gas) rush, maybe it will be different


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