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Of course it had to be Friday the thirteenth.
I left my van at the mechanics as I knew I wouldn’t get chance to drop it in first thing Monday morning and, seeing as it was there, they had a look at it to try and work out what was wrong.

They are talking major transmission problems and that I should expect a mimimum repair bill of around $3,600

They say they won’t be sure until they open the box up and have a look, but it is making quite a lot of noise.
Maybe I will get lucky, and it will turn out to be just the bands but I get the feeling thats not going to happen.

The trouble is, I use what is essentially a people mover as a commercial vehicle. The auto transmission is not able to cope with the load and I can feel it straining under the pressure when the van gets heavily loaded.
I do my best to be gentle when there is large weights in the vehicle, putting it in low, then 2nd and then drive and only putting my foot softly down on the gas, but its still going to cause a strain.

I guess the only consolation is that it happened in June. Approaching tax time is much better than just after it. Of course, its more molesting of my Visa card than I had planned to do.

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