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I decided to take the plunge and upgrade the machine I use as my main workstation. It was a 4 year old Celeron 400Mhz which, despite having a decent slab of RAM in it, and tonnes of storage space, was starting to get rather slow.
So on Friday I splashed out and got a new motherboard, processor and some DDR ram to go with it. On friday evening I started to assemble it in a new case adding the hard drives and CD’s from my old machine.
On Saturday I had to go back out in search of parts. The audio cable from the CD ROM to the motherboard was incompatible, and I also had to replace the floppy drive. The one in the Compaq machine was designed to sit inside the cover and they are cheap as chips these days so I didn’t worry too much about the cost.

On Saturday evening I fired it up… and hit a snag!

The video drivers for the new motherboard needed updating. Unfortunately there were no updates for anything before Win 98SE.
GREAT! i’m running Win 98… Original edition! So I was left with a display pretending to be set in 1985! ( 640 x 480 16 colours – Screenshot )
Essentially that left me with no choice. I had to update my OS, so on Sunday I was back off to the shops to get a copy of Win XP. Not something I was particularly wanting to do, but I guess I knew I would have to do it eventually.

I did manage to do the weather update for Seja Design but it wasn’t easy trying to get into my folders on homesite as they were off the window. I did want to write something for here, but I forget what it was now.
Oh well, I’m sure it will come to me. Its as inevitable as…
Product Activation

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