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It sat by the door of the shop. Discarded. A fast food store drink cup that someone had finished with. Someone who was too lazy to walk the 2 extra metres to the rubbish bin. In the corner it sat … Continue reading

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Office Renovation Rescue

The belated follow up post to the coffee machine. When I got my new coffee machine there were three reasons behind the purchase. Firstly, it was on special for a really good price, secondly it was available on deferred payments … Continue reading

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I’m a 7am blogger

At 7am I write great posts for my blog.. Or at least, I would if I was not in the car delivering mail in the city. Yesterday morning, once again, I had an incling of an idea in my mind … Continue reading

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Go Eagles

I am just not a sports person. Not being very coordinated in that regard I was always the one to be last picked or left on the sidelines during sport at school. As a result I have very little interest … Continue reading

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